James Terrani


James Terrani has been working in fine art fabrication since 2006, helping create, repair, restore and finish artworks for notable artists.

He worked first as a sculptor for Jeff Koons and developed techniques for achieving hyper-detailed, sculptural surfaces and forms. From there, he moved into sculpture painting, developing and applying advanced paint finishing techniques to such iconic works as Koons’ Hulk and Popeye series.

More recently, Terrani was production manager at Alchemy Paintworks, where he painted and sculpted large scale projects for many well-known artists.

Terrani is a native New Yorker and earned his BA from School of Visual Arts in 2005.

Brian von Bargen

King Kong Brian

Brian Von Bargen worked for many years as painter and manager of the sculpture/paint department in Jeff Koons’ New York studio, overseeing the final finishing of all major sculptural works produced by Koons from 2006–2011. Obsessed with the chemistry and process of manipulating automotive paints as a medium, he travelled domestically and internationally for Koons, refining processes and pioneering best practices for achieving the highest quality results and establishing standards of excellence.

He has worked on finishing and restoration projects for many of today’s notable artists, including Barbara Kruger, Richard Prince, Paul McCarthy, Richard Jackson and Rudolph Stingel.

Von Bargen is meticulous by nature, with a vigilant eye for detail, which lends itself well to the endeavor of fine art finishing. He has been pushing the boundaries with automotive paint and coatings for more than 15 years.